Vertical Blinds custom made in Perth

One of the most popular window treatments that has been around for over 50 years. Now available in a HUGE range of colours and textures to suit your individual needs in sunblock fabrics.


Vertical Blinds

Our 100% Australian made fabrics, made of quality Polyester not PVC are so good our customers from 30 years ago keep referring us and coming back. All our fabrics are PVC free unlike some from over seas. Plus they are all washable, block out and stain resistant. There are two slat sizes 127mm or 89mm slats. But we can make the slats at 100mm for old-fashioned verticals needing just new slats too.

You have a choice of head-box colors- White, Magnolia, Anotec Grey and Black.

Each come with a fabric insert to match the fabric color you have picked for your verticals. We can also use all vertical fabrics to make roller blinds if you want different blinds to be the same fabric.


There are several options

There are two control options to choose from when ordering Vertical blinds. Wand controls which are easy to wash and easy to use. Blinds can be manufactured with two wands if you would like your blind to open from the center. Or chain control is the other option, which means the blinds can be made to go left or right, center bunch or center open.

The chain control option also has a self-aligner built in so the blind can be straightened up. Vertical Blinds are made at our factory in Wanagra and are 100% Australian made with top quality parts.

Each Vertical slat can either have a chainless weight or be connected by chains. For a small fee we also offer the option of sewn in weights too.


Pelmets are available too

Vertical blinds can come with an optional 89mm pelmet, which attaches to the Vertical blinds bracket. The pelmets can be made to fit on corner

Windows too. They come with a fabric insert to match the fabric of your blinds.


Shaped Verticals

We can manufacture Vertical blinds for some shaped windows.

We can also have different length slats on the same track if there is an obstacle e.g. air conditioner inside window space.

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